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Career development is essential for people to make informed decisions about potential careers and investing in the education and training to pursue them. CareerDriven is uniquely equipped with the knowledge and resources to assist in this process.  

Consulting services are offered to schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals (youth and adults) for navigating the work world.


Supporting schools and organizations with evaluating their career programming and implementing strategies to improve the professional outcomes of their initiatives.


Assisting individuals with gaining career knowledge and providing them with resources to enter lucrative, fulfilling careers.


Partnering with businesses to help them identify and recruit diverse talent to meet their staffing needs.


Dr. Albion Sumrell, Founder/ CEO 

Dr. Albion Sumrell founded CareerDriven in order to educate and empower communities, especially disadvantaged ones, with the career knowledge and resources to improve their economic and professional circumstances. Given his background as a low-income, first-generation college student, he has personally experienced the lack of career guidance for people from these communities and is invested in resolving this disparity. 

He attended Emory University, where he received his B.A. in Psychology and French Studies. He also completed his Master of Education in Psychological Counseling, with coursework in career counseling and school counseling, from Teachers College, Columbia University. His professional experience has involved working in several schools, colleges, and educational non-profits in France, New York, New Orleans, and California as an administrator, teacher, counselor, and advisor. His work in education has centered on supporting the career development of youth and adults. 

Dr. Sumrell graduated with his Ph.D. in Educational Administration from the University of New Orleans. His dissertation focused on the influence of CTE and work experience on preparing high school seniors to pursue careers. Through his work, he continues to research and develop effective practices for guiding under-resourced youth and adults towards lucrative post-secondary career opportunities.